MIKE RUSSELLprofessional body builder and nutritionist

Michael Russell founder of Body By Inches 24hr Fitness Center has been serving the community for 15 years. God has blessed him with the gift to inspire and motivate people by not only living a healthy lifestyle, but by maintaining a youthful appearance which is proof his anti-aging techniques work! We are not just another gym on the corner we practice what we preach by living a healthy lifestyle, Mike is not only a certified personal trainer, he is currently one of NGA (National Gym Association) top drug free professional bodybuilders and has been competing every year since 1988 winning numerous titles setting a standard in the bodybuilding world.

Discipline dedication and consistency is the key to obtaining your fitness goals.“ ~ Mike Russell.

Michael Russell has been training on a consistent basis since 1988 over 50 and over 55 competition's winning numerous shows and titles as an amateur and a professional bodybuilder, as a certified personal trainer for Bally's and Gold's Gym. Currently certified by the National Gym Association.

I decided that I wanted to give the people want they truly been looking for more personal attention including help with daily nutrition; that is something that is hard to get in the corporate atmosphere not to mention nearly 27 years experience working with seniors, teens athletes, also numerous entertainers, as the owner of Body By Inches 24 hr fitness center now celebrating 15 years you get just that not only our clients but our members get the advantage with always ready inspiration and motivation just by my living the fitness lifestyle being an example every single day that’s the advantage so when you want to take your body to the next level “inch by inch” Body By Inches is the place for you!” ~ Mike Russell

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Mel Johnson at 70 years young trains with Mike Russell to win his Grand Master title this year and 5 top trophies!

I have had personal training at a lot of different gyms in the Valley with a lot of different trainers, and the difference in quality training at Body by Inches Fitness is unbelievable. I just want to be there. It's like coming home after a long vacation...It just feels right!

- Jill (Union City, GA)


Body by Inches Fitness has the most knowledgeable trainers I've ever trained with. They each give a great but different workout, however all of them have one common denominator...They care!

- Bill (Riverdale, GA)


John Weaver has been a part of the BBIF family for over 9 years. John says that with the guidance and motivation from Mike Russell has added years to my life and I cannot see being at any other health club.

- John Weaver